The pre-sale service

There are plans to visit customers, seek advice;

Timely understanding of customer needs and problems, to the user's request, on the same day to reply within, can not meet the shall be stated;

Contract review in a days.

The sale of services

Strictly perform the sales contract, on time and according to the quality product;

Strict implementation of technical services agreement, to provide technical guidance services, guarantee quality of service;

Discover the problem is solved in time, the site can not solve the shall notify the user, and report to the leadership;

Due to product quality problems caused by the exchange or refund, according to the provisions of reporting.

After-sale service

I company for the issues raised by customers, the province that day to send personnel arrived at the scene, outside the province within three days of service personnel to customer solutions;

Sales Department in the event after the completion of the project within a month will report to supervisor, once every half year information feedback, and make the corresponding user survey, to understand the user all the work the company evaluation.

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